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What is Patrick Karegeya doing in Kinshasa?

Yanditswe ku ya: 11-06-2012 saa 13:08

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From conning the Somali government, GANG member Patrick Karegeya is now in Kinshasa (DR Congo) searching for another unsuspecting victim. Sources in the Congolese capital report that Karegeya entered the country secretly, and has been soliciting for meetings off the radar – only that nobody is willing to meet him. If Karegeya thought he could not be noticed, here we go!

The Exposer can confirm that Karegeya has been pleading with hostile Congolese who have made it clear to him they are tired of masqueraders and war mongers. But why would Karegeya be in Kinshasa right now? Is it a coincidence that he is there at a time when the country is descending into all out war? The answer is simple; Karegeya is out to grab the spoils, in the GANG’s typical style.

For those who may have had some doubts about Karegeya and Kayumba Nyamwasa’s links with the genocidal FDLR militia, Karegeya’s statements say it all. Karegeya shamelessly states that he is prepared to support reckless wars. The declaration by Karegeya is one clear evidence and testimony that the fugitives are ready to support FDLR militias. But remember, if you suggested the frontline to Karegeya, you will never see him again.

As a criminal used to eating from the spoils, Karegera secretly aided the children of genocide financier Felicien Kabuga to obtain property in Rwanda. Two of Kabuga’s children, Donatien Nshimyumuremyi alias Nshima and Seraphine Uwimana visited Rwanda between October and December 2003 and the motive behind the visit was to regain rights to family property.

Greatly facilitated by Karegeya‘s direct intervention, they managed to regain rights to some of the property which include the building next to City Plaza in downtown Kigali, and the building that housed Banque Populaire Muhima branch at the time.

While in Kigali, the two stayed at the Mille Collines and payment was effected with invoice No. 105620. The payment was effected using cheque number 438099 dated February 25, 2004 and signed by Patrick Karegeya. They also stayed at Hotel Gorillas and the payment was by cheque number 466952 dated 25th February 2004 and signed by Karegeya.

It is not strange, except to the naïve, that the UN wanted to contract Patrick Karegeya to recruit and train militia supposedly for Somalia. The standing charges that he is a criminal are apparently of little consequence.

Karegeya, in particular, has played the ethnic card by mobilizing genocide extremist in Europe. That they have allied themselves with ‘genocidaires’ and espoused the latter’s cause, a cause which by their own admission they fought against - serves to define their substance (or lack of it). Nevertheless, as has been argued; A MAN WITHOUT A MORAL CAMPUS IS BOUND TO END UP ANYWHERE.

Could it be true that in Kinshasa Karegeya wants to convince MONUSCO, of his ability to provide it with the “expertise” he gave to the Somalis? It is highly likely that the same FLAWED CV Karegeya gave to the Somalis, is the same he intends to show? This time though, we will be watching every step you make.

In the next part of this article, we will tell you who he met, where and what they discussed.

The Exposer.

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Peter Kamali

Karegeya ne pourra qu’echouer dans toutes ses entreprises malefiques. Honte a lui!!!


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